Capital Pools on the Blockchain

We are the productive asset record system, enabling simple administration of capital through technology.

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The future of hedge funds

We leverage the strength of the blockchain to support
automated liquid investment in productive assets.

Long Range Project Vision
Built to Scale

Utilizing the strengths of decentralized technologies with a scalable approach that disrupts the current model of capital pool administration.

Powerful Investment Tools
Unparalleled Capability

Capital pool management utilizing public and private ledger technology, drastically reducing costs while increasing efficiency. Raise capital, allocate ownership, make lending decisions, disburse real money, collect repayment and route to investors.

Cosmos Network
Built to Work Across any Chain

Built on a scalable, immutable, efficient network that can swap across any chain. Cosmos is a network of independent parallel blockchains that are each powered by classical BFT consensus algorithms.

Open Source
Come Build with Us

MIT License open source technology because we believe in open software. We encourage and sponsor development on our platform.

Meet The PAR Team

A team with deep roots in finance and digital currency.

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